Spring 2017
Dues Letter



No Mosquito
Spray Registry


Neighbor conflict resolution


If you experience problems with any group houses (or homeowner) it is suggested that you speak with the residents directly and ask for them to modify their behavior so that all in the community can enjoy the area.

If your discussion is unsuccessful, we have determined the process to involve the Town of Islip. The suggested process is as follows:

  • File a formal complaint by calling Islip’s Code Enforcement at 631-224-5548. Ask for Robin Bahsen. You will need to have the property location (address) for the home in questions, and details on the complaint – such as overcrowding, fire hazard, noise, etc.
  • Follow up by sending an email to Robin Rbahnsen@townofislip-ny.gov, and Rick Kushner, RPK1500@gmail.com. Rick is a Corneille homeowner that has been very helpful in getting Islip to take action.
  • If you are having difficulties during the night, the suggestion is to call 911 and involve Suffolk County Police. It would be helpful for the police if you can say that it is not a medical emergency (unless it is!), so that they can respond accordingly.


Corneille Estates is a community of beach homes just two blocks wide with secluded properties connected by wooden walks. A quiet Fire Island community yet in comfortable walking distance to Ocean Beach with its plethora of restaurants, bars and other entertainment. The best of both worlds!